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Enthusiast 🚀

I love design and make new things especially for make an apps and my desire is to make apps looks nice and friendly for user not just nice for eyes but easy to use

Make Something From Nothing

Abraham Bulyan Zebua


Education 🎓

2018 - recent

stmik-stie mikroskil

Mikroskil is a Higher Education institution in field of Computer Science And Economics.

STMIK MIKROSKIL Got Award's the best campus and For STIE take 5 place on Best Campus in North Sumatra.

Currently i'm in 6 semester majoring Mobile And Web

15 February 2021 - 22 June 2021

bangkit academy

Bangkit Academy is a educational program aimed at final year or at least currently in 6 semester who wants to learn from basic until be expert on Machine Learning, Android Programming or Cloud Computing.

On Bangkit 2021 is offered as an approved Kampus Merdeka program supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

From 40.000 Application Become 21.000 Participant to take a test and just 3000 participants who accepted for this program in 2021 and I'm be part of Android Programming

2014 - 2017

sma methodist tg.morawa

Methodist is a private school locate at Tanjung Morawa Nort Sumatera.
In this School I'm Majoring Science

experience 💪

2 June 2021 - recent

event support system web

This an intern job at STMIK-STIE MIKROSKIL and my job to maintain all event through eventbrite such as how many times this event clicked who register for this event, published the event and more thing about to support event went well

portfolio 💻

Makan Dikita


Makan Dikita is an app base on web for make a food ordering through LINE using LIFF to make web can running on LINE and send message from web to LINE, the technology behind this app is Vanilla JavaScript, LIFF, Bootstrap 4.5.

live web here
source code here

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